Stampley Trial- Day 3

Stampley Trial- Day 3
Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - 8:09pm

The prosecution presented D.N.A. evidence today which they says ties Trucko Stampley to four murders.

D.N.A. experts matched D.N.A. taken from an Air Jordan sneaker to both Stampley and the Pedescleuxs. Also in court today, a wallet found at the home of Anne and Charles Colvin matched that of both the Colvins and Stampley. District Attorney Hillar Moore believes when the defense opens its case tomorrow, Trucko Stampley will take the stand.

"I would assume that the defendant will testify in person. I'm not sure. That's my assumption. We'll just have to wait for the judge to make a ruling. I'm sure whatever she rules will be the right thing to do," says Moore.

'It hurts my feelings. It hurts me that I can't get the money to get a really good lawyer to handle the case 'cause I think he's getting a screw deal, 'cause it's all about he say, she say. No hard evidence on my son," says Arthur Stampley.

If convicted, Trucko Stampley faces life in prison.

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