St. Mary Parish warns of several scams currently in the area

St. Mary Parish warns of several scams currently in the area
Friday, July 11, 2014 - 4:52pm

In order to track phone and internet scams, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office asked residents to report these types of criminal activities. Recently, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office has received complaints of several different types of scams moving through the area.

- In one incident, a caller claimed to be a representative from the Publishing Clearing House scamming a victim out of nearly $2,000 that was delivered on a money pack card.

- Another scammer claimed to be contacting the victim from the Department of Treasury and even provided an official sounding ID number. The caller advised the victim to contact an attorney and made threats by telling the victim that they were, “in big trouble.”

- It is buyer beware in the case of internet purchases. A victim sent money to an out of state seller but never received the item that was purchased.

In addition to these scams, the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office has also received complaints of callers attempting to gather personal information from their targets over the phone. St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Mark Hebert advises residents not to rely on this list alone to determine if it is a scam. He says,“There are countless ways criminals will attempt to scam you by preying on your emotions and fears. Do not give personal information out to anyone over the phone unless you are the one who initiated contact. Talk with your family members and friends about these dangers so they do not become victims.”

In addition to reporting scams to local authorities, internet crimes may also be reported to the National White Collar Crime Center and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, This website also provides information on current internet and telephone scams. 

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