Simulated robbery for rap video lands multiple people in jail

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 12:13am

The song is called "Heart Listens" and rapper Danny Rogers wanted to act out some of the bad decisions people make.

Rogers and his friends got together at a Marrero convenience store to shoot their music video; they'd filmed at this location before.

This time, they wanted to act out an armed robbery, and they brought real, unloaded guns.

Someone passing by the store Sunday night saw the action through the glass and called 911.

“We went in there shooting (the video), getting our shots and everything,” stated Rogers. “In the middle of the scene, the police just ran in. A cop ran in with his gun drawn and after that, backup just followed. They act(ed) like we were actually robbing the place and that's nothing. We have no criminal records, none of us that was involved.”

Now Chance Gomez and Rogers, along with Yonael Santana, Timothy Kelly and Nidal Jamhour face a charge of criminal mischief.

Their friends Raassan Holmes, Frank Cheffen and Terrell Hogan are charged with illegal carrying of a concealed weapon along with criminal mischief.

The parking lot was filled with deputies who thought they were working a real armed robbery. Sheriff Newell Normand says this could have ended much differently.

“This is not smart,” stated Normand. “(If they) had they had the guns out, and our officers come upon them, the likelihood is we would have multiple people dead.”

Normand says the group had permission from the store clerk to shoot the video, but Jamhour told us he didn't know they would be bringing guns. The store's owner didn't know about it.

Jefferson parish detectives now have the camera and all the footage, and Rogers doesn't know if he'll get it back. He'd hoped to send a positive message, but now he's the one learning the lesson.

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