Police: Gang fight erupts at Opelousas High School; 18 arrested

Police: Gang fight erupts at Opelousas High School; 18 arrested
Photo provided by staff.
Monday, September 23, 2013 - 7:15pm

Before the first bell rang at Opelousas High School this morning, the police were called in.

"There were several fights taking place in what is known as Tiger Walk and Third Hall," Captain Martin McLendon, Opelousas Police Department, said.

It took several officers and multiple faculty members to get the fight under control. A fight officers later realized was between three different gangs in Opelousas.

Eighteen students were arrested this morning and are currently in custody. The Opelousas Police Department is looking for fifteen others who were also involved.

Today wasn't the first time Opelousas High has dealt with gang fights.

"I don't feel safe at all. I'd feel safer being in a place where there aren't any fighting gang members and stuff," Keshawna Wilson, senior at Opelousas High, said.

The Opelousas Police Department is working on providing additional resources to help keep these students safe, and out of trouble.

"Right now we're looking at adding two school resource officers because the campus is so huge, and then there's an additional campus that's adjacent to this building. Adding two more resource officers and making sure that those students that are involved in this incident will not be allowed back on this school campus," Captain McLendon said.

Hopefully the officers will help keep the campus safe, and the students safe.

"I'm getting tired of it, and just sick of it," Keshawna said. " I can't wait till I graduate so I won't be around this."

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