Plaquemine residents scared about latest murder


POSTED: Monday, September 24, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Monday, September 24, 2012 - 5:19pm

"I'll kill a son of a gun in a minute if he tried to harm me and my family in a split second," says Calvin Erwin.

Erwin is angry about a double murder that took the lives of Ronald Harrell and Junius Dedrick He says he'll do anything to make sure nothing like that happens to his loved ones. Despite that, the Vietnam veteran says he's saddened each time someone's killed.

"It's shocking every time I hear of a murder because all this killing is just outrageous here. Something needs to be done about it," says Erwin.

Yvonne Sharon owns a home right around the corner from Erwin. She's not willing to take the law into her hands, but she's frightened the murder happened just a couple streets away from where she's lived for16 years.

"It scares you...People are going crazy today. People don't have any concept of right and wrong anymore. If they do something they don't like they kill 'em," says Sharon

And though it's scary, it's something that's becoming all too familiar.

"You have the murder at the hotel. You've had murders here that are unsolved. It's nothing new. It's not often, but it's nothing new," says Sharon.

About six months ago Bryan Paul Dailey was shot and killed at the Relax Inn. And the murders have caused her to make some changes to try and stay safe.

"I always keep my doors locked," says SharoN.

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