NOPD: Victim snatches robber's shotgun, uses it on robber's car


POSTED: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 - 12:15pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 11:21am

An attempted armed robbery was thwarted when the victim disarmed the gunman and chased him off. Moments later, the suspect tried to strike a bargain to get his weapon back.

“The driver of the vehicle said to the victim, ‘give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped,’” officials said in a press release. “The victim then used the shotgun to strike the rear windshield of the vehicle, causing it to break.”

The whole thing started shortly after 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 27. New Orleans Police report that the victim was approached by an unknown black male. The would-be robber pointed a gun at the man and said “give me your money,” but the victim grabbed the gun and turned it on his attacker.

Surveillance cameras captured the attempted robbery. The suspect is described as a black male, between 16-20 years old, 6’0” tall, with a thin build. He was wearing a black hat and a black T-shirt.

Officials noted that a similar incident occurred the night before and just around the corner. We’re told that a suspect pointed a shotgun at the victim shortly after midnight. In that case, however, the suspects struck the victim three times, causing minor injuries.

If you know anything about either of these incidents, call Crime Stoppers at (504) 822-1111.


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Seems like most people agree that the victim should be able to legally shoot the perp. with his own gun. That is the only way that justice will be met. If he were arrested, he would get maybe a year in jail, with time off for good behavior.

If the feds want to pass real gun control reform that would effectively curb crime, they should pass a law making it legal to shoot the criminal with his own gun as he runs away and pay the victim a couple hundred bucks an ear for the trouble.

oh great, so where was that racist jesse jackson and his fat friend al sharpton now? Looks like a act of blantant racism against a white guy to me!

He should have shot the thug, and unloaded the shotgun into the vehicle.

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