Neighbors speak out about drive by shooting: more jobs, less guns

Neighbors speak out about drive by shooting: more jobs, less guns
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 4:15pm

Police are still on the lookout for a drive by shooter, who injured three people in Baton Rouge Tuesday night. It happened around nine Tuesday in a subdivision off of Staring Ln.

Three people were shot and police still have no suspects or motives. People living in the neighborhood say this is uncommon and think it’s the system that’s failing our youth.

“They can’t get jobs so they turn to drugs and guns, that's the problem.”

People on Avis Ave. woke up with a lot of worry and frustration Wednesday morning.

"It’s shocking; I am shocked it happened here," said a woman who lives right by the shooting scene.

"I feel bad because young black people young men are killing themselves."

Baton Rouge police responded to the drive-by shooting that left one person on this street injured. Then they found two others also injured off of Leonard Street, just one block away.

They had a fight then they came back and started shooting

Neighbors say this whole situation is upsetting not only because it's rare but because it's not surprising.

“So they don’t have anything to do, they sit at home.”

They tell NBC33 it's the system that's failing our youth.

“Most of all, some of them have a felony offenses and they can’t get any jobs,” said a neighbor “If they go to get a job somewhere and they see the felony offense on their record, people deny."

Representative Patricia Smith has submitted a bill that would prevent the check box for "criminal history" on a job application and hopefully curb the problem of joblessness in the future.

“There are a lot of free programs being taken away so they are starting to venture out. They get together they get bored thinking of crazy things to do, especially guns and drugs."

So with the "ban the box bill" our youth would have more opportunities in the working world, getting them off the streets and out of situations like these.

“I hope it does not ever happen again."

Three people were shot and all of them are expected to survive. If you have any information about this shooting please call crime stoppers at 344 stop.

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