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Man arrested for fight with off-duty officers has long list of prior battery arrests

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POSTED: Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 19, 2013 - 9:33am

NBC33 has learned more about a Saturday Night bar brawl between two off-duty police officers and an amateur MMA fighter who's got a long history of battery arrests.

Seth LeMay said he was excited to visit with his brother Sam in Baton Rouge for the Christmas holiday this year. But Seth never expected he would spend the end of his vacation with his brother in the hospital.

"His orbital bone broke and we were in the hospital, so it really ruined our vacation. I mean I had just had a daughter, she's one and a half now, so we really missed out on a lot of quality time," explained Set LeMay.

Sam LeMay went through several surgeries after he and friends said he was hit in the face by James Hinson for no reason at all.

"There was not a single word exchanged and this guy having perceived that someone slighted him in some way with a girl, or had talked to her and he was the problem, I don't know. I mean there's really no way, you can only speculate on why guys like him feel the need to do what they do," added LeMay.

Hinson was arrested Saturday for his involvement in a fight with two off-duty BRPD officers. A check of court records shows Hinson's been arrested over a half dozen times for similar bar fights in East Baton Rouge Parish.

District attorney Hillar Moore said that those prior arrests could affect Hinson's punishment in this most recent case, if he is found guilty.

"Should there be a conviction we would surely let the judge know, the judge would want to be informed as to any other arrests, charges or convictions, and let the court know what the nature of those allegations were. And so the court could possibly take that into consideration, assuming he is found guilty," explained Moore.

Seth LeMay said he wasn't surprised to see Hinson in trouble again.

"You know he probably kept coming until they had to hurt him. In a lot of ways I feel like he got what was coming to him. So it's hard to look at it and see it any other way," added Seth LeMay.

District Attorney Hillar Moore told NBC33 that prosecutors can look into repeat offender charges for someone who is charged and found guilty of the same felony more than twice. Moore said to his knowledge this does not apply in Hinson’s case.

Hinson is due to appear in court on September 9 for the incident involving Samuel LeMay.

Baton Rouge Police have said that the investigation is still on-going and more arrests are possible. They did not want to comment on Tuesday’s story, but a spokesperson for the department said that there is no internal investigation being conducted on the officers involved because they did not break any policies.

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think again and maybe you will be one day you will be someones bunk mate yaself. Stop hiding behind ya name you two and tell the media you are actually cops causing trouble.

Great post, mylve4him. Most of the letters in your sentences are from the alphabet.

No, I'm not a cop -- my right hand to God. Just someone tired of woman-hating thugs and parking lot brawlers.

And everyone has an opinion its like ya know everyone has one.

Looks like he needs to go back to MMA school and learn a little more about how to fight, cause it looks like he got his butt whipped and he let his mouth overload his a-- this time around , be careful what you ask for you may get more than you bargined for.

Darn right, Sean. NBC33 was suckered by this "oh-so innocent" victim of police violence. But the truth is out: Hinson is low-IQ thug who got exactly what he deserved. Maybe he can improve his pathetic MMA skills in prison, fighting off his bunk-mate.

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