LSU law school student faces additional rape charges; victim speaks out

LSU law school student faces additional rape charges; victim speaks out
Photo provided by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2013 - 7:24pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 20, 2013 - 9:52pm

The LSU law school student accused of rape is facing additional charges after a second victim stepped forward following the release of information about his arrest.

Abdellatif Devol, 25, is charged with Forcible Rape, Simple Rape, Attempted Forcible Rape and Sexual Battery. He was arrested on Sept. 18 by the Baton Rouge Police Department. His total bond now sits at $160,000.

A representative for the victim in the first case spoke to NBC33 News about the attack that resulted in Devol’s arrest. To protect her identity she will further be referred to as “Jane.”

“She [the second victim] was scared to come forward because she thought no one would believe her. She thought that until she read the article about his arrest,” Jane said. “She wants people to know what happened so that if there are any other victims, they can feel safe to step forward. She also wants any other rape victim to know there are resources for victims.”

The first reported attack happened on Friday, Sept. 13, 2013. The victim, who will further be referred to as “Amy,” agreed to go on a first date with Devol. The two went for drinks at a bar located in downtown Baton Rouge.

“After they had a few drinks, he asked [Amy] if she wanted to go back to his house for one more glass of wine,” Jane said. “She asked him if he would bring her home after one glass of wine. He said ‘yes,’ so she agreed to go with him.”

The attack allegedly occurred shortly after arriving at his home located within Baton Rouge city limits. After declining his sexual advances, she claims Devol became aggressive and then forcibly raped her.

“After the attack was over, she ran down the stairs and tried to get out the front door,” Jane said. “She couldn’t get out the door. She then heard him going through her purse and she asked him to bring it to her so she could take her medication. At that time she went into her phone and pressed record. It recorded for the next five hours.”

Eventually, Amy says Devol allowed her out of the house. She started walking to her home. Devol got into his car and followed her.

“He told her ‘I’m going to bring you home,’” Jane said. “She knew her phone was recording, so she got into the car.”

Once she was in the vehicle, Amy took several of pills, which is medication prescribed to her. However, she took well over the recommended dose, causing her to later become incapacitated. The arrest report notes that she took the medication in an attempt to “calm down from being raped.”

“She was completely incoherent by this point,” Jane said. “She woke up the next morning on her couch.”

Amy went to a local hospital on Saturday, Sept. 14. A rape kit was issued and medical examiners documented her injuries. They included scratches on her hands, bite marks and bruising.

“She wants victims to know that if you go to the hospital, you do not have to press charges,” Jane said. “But, if you are the victim of rape, they will treat you free of charge and provide counseling if you need it.”

Amy, however, decided to press charges. The Baton Rouge Police Department took her statement and launched an investigation.

“A controlled phone call was made and recorded where [Amy] contacted [Devol] and asked him about having sex with her against her wishes to which [Devol] replied he was sorry,” the arrest report noted.

During the phone call, she also discussed what she found in her apartment once she returned home from the hospital.

“When she got home she saw a used condom in the trash bind,” Jane said.

Because Amy’s home is located in the jurisdiction of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, this second accusation of rape is being investigated by deputies. The condom and wrapper were submitted to the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab for processing.

“[Amy] stated that she was incapable of understanding anything due to being under the influence [of her medication,]” the arrest report noted.

Devol had already been arrested by the Baton Rouge Police Department for the first incident at his home. For that case, he was charged with one count of Forcible Rape and his bond was set at $100,000.

Once the Sheriff’s Office concluded its part of the investigation, Devol was booked for an additional charge of Simple Rape.

“[Amy] confronted [Devol] about discovering the used condom in the trash can,” the arrest report stated. “[Devol] refused to discuss anything concerning the condom or the other incident with [Amy] on the phone. [Devol] wanted to meet in person with the victim who refused to meet with him. The victim continued to confront [Devol] about the condom and [Devol] reluctantly stated, ‘You told me where to get the condom’ before the control call was completed.”

After information regarding his arrest was made public, the second victim stepped forward. That case is being handled by the Baton Rouge Police Department.

The second allegation actually occurred one year ago after an LSU home game.

“The victim stated that after meeting [Devol] at a tailgate on LSU’s campus, they walked back to [Devol’s] residence,” the arrest report noted. “Upon arriving at the apartment, the suspect became aggressive with the victim and physically carried her to the bed.”

The second victim claims she resisted and told Devol to stop, but he continued. She claims she managed to get away and run out of the apartment.

“I hope that any other victims out there will read this story and feel safe enough to come forward,” Jane said.

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