LSU football players' case won't reach verdict today

LSU football players' case won't reach verdict today

POSTED: Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 7:16pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 6:24pm

THIS IS AN NBC33 UPDATE -- It was a long day for the grand jury deciding the fate of two LSU Tigers, Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns.

Right now, the two football players are charged with felony Second Degree Battery, but that could change depending upon what the grand jury decides.

Those charges could be knocked down to simple battery, a misdemeanor.

Attorneys say about 16 witnesses went before the grand jury today, and that's without the witnesses for the football players. Testimonies started at around 9 this morning and they've been going all day.

Michael Bienvenu is the attorney for the four men injured in the fight. Three of his clients testified today. He says he expected this case to go to the grand jury from the beginning.

"Obviously, the DA can make a decision on his own if he wants to...we respect that," stated Bienvenu.

Attorneys were not allowed in the room during the testimonies, but Bienvenu says the grand jury heard from witnesses and the police who investigated the case. He was not sure if Jefferson or Johns took the stand.

Bienvenu says he doesn't expect the grand jury to decide tonight. Instead, the grand jury would meet again next Wednesday and a decision would hopefully be made after that.


Original Story --

Both the defense and the prosecution said they're looking forward to tomorrow's hearing in the case against members of the LSU football team.

Former starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson, along with reserve linebacker Josh Johns, are both facing felony Second Degree Battery.

District Attorney Hillar Moore and Lance Unglesby, who's defending the case with Lewis Unglesby, told NBC33 News there's so much information in this case, it's best to lay it all out on the table before moving forward.

“I just thought it was best and more appropriate to bring this to a grand jury to let a group of citizens of our parish decide what's the appropriate charge - or whether there should be a charge,” said Moore.

“We're happy it's going to a grand jury,” stated Lance Unglesby. “We're happy to get this moving. We wish it could be finished Wednesday, but the faster it gets to a resolution, the better for us.”

Hillar Moore says it could take two sessions for the grand jury to hear all the evidence. Then, they'll decide what charges the pair could face, if any at all.

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