Local store busted with over $500,000 of synthetic marijuana


POSTED: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 5:12pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 10, 2011 - 1:16pm

Police say the man arrested for selling fake marijuana at his store has been in warned about it before.

Tim Tran has sold synthetic drugs from Tim's Wholesale in the past. Last night, they caught him red-handed.

Police say they seized $500,000 worth of fake marijuana at the store. Tran was arrested and the synthetic marijuana was sent to the state police crime lab for testing.

Police say they need more help to get this stuff off the streets. "To get to the root of the problem, I know that my department needs to double the size of our narcotics unit so that we can have a more significant impact on the illegal drug trade here in Baton Rouge."

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This is outrageos! I will see to it that Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry both get brought up on charges of intrastate racketeering and Title 15 Anti Trust Laws, Monopolizing the trade a felony! I have never seen such a brazen shot at the Federal Treasury in all of my life! These rogue Governors are just defining synthetic marijauna for the entire world but hey hey look at the fiscal instrument for Louisaina concerning this bill!! A felony is a felony but let there be no doubt this one I bring against Bobby Jindal is Federal! Steve Spell II www.demlegalscents.com and my youtube videos illustrate this in "trial like" fashion seen here; http://youtu.be/wnvLziss0l8

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