Lafayette sees increase of armed robberies in July 2014

KADN Staff
Friday, August 8, 2014 - 1:37pm

This past July Lafayette has experienced a rise in armed robberies in the area. The numbers may not be to daunting, but there was increase of armed robberies by 21 percent in the month of July compared to July 2013 robbery statistics.

A large number of the armed robberies that took place were in convenient stores at late night hours, says the Lafayette Police Department.

With 24 robberies that took place involving a weapon in the month of July, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft says the increase in armed robberies does raise concerns but summer time is also when they usually see a spike in crimes in the Lafayette area.

"Well we did have an unusual increase. Some of those things are seasonal. We do generally see an increase during the summer months with convenient store robberies and that sort of thing. But the increase concerns us. We are limited in what we can do." said Chief Craft.

"We can't have a policeman on every corner, so in collaboration with Councilman Boudreaux and Councilman Shelvin we proposed a neighborhood camera project. This would involve the installation of surveillance cameras in at risk neighborhoods and high crime areas. This would give us a permanent presence there."

Chief Craft says a number of the weapons that are confiscated in robbery cases have been stolen. Some of the weapons confiscated are found to be stolen from vehicles which he says nine out of ten time were left unlocked. Chief Craft says Lafayette still has a lot of residents that do not lock their cars but advises everyone to secure their vehicle when leaving it unattended.

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