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High tech marijuana-grow operation busted in New Orleans

High tech marijuana-grow operation busted in New Orleans
Monday, June 25, 2012 - 11:17am

Seventh District Narcotic detectives, as part of the Violent Crime Reduction Partnership Task Force of the ATF, arrested a Michoud man Friday after finding he was running an elaborate, high tech marijuana-growing business.

Detectives and agents executed a search warrant on the property in the 13,000-block of Dwyer Road earlier today, and discovered the entire house had been converted for the specific purpose of growing marijuana plants. Investigators seized more than 100 marijuana plants, 50 of which were full-grown and ready for a second harvest. The estimated street value of the plants is $100,000.

The house was specially wired to accommodate 14 high-output lights needed to keep the marijuana growing 24 hours a day.

The property owner, Bill Vo, 26, was arrested for Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute, as well as Cultivation of Marijuana. (A Photo of Vo is attached to this release, as well as two photos of the house’s interior.)

After being placed under arrest, Vo admitted to officers that he, “had a few more pounds of marijuana” at his place of residence in the 5400-block of Provincial Place. After obtaining permission to search that property, detectives found more than 15 pounds of high-grade marijuana, worth an estimated $75,000. They also seized 2 rifles, 3 12-gauge shotguns and 2 handguns. Ownership of the firearms is currently being investigated, so no one at this time has been charged with Illegal Possession of Firearms.

Bill Vo also told officers he paid more than $10,000 for the equipment to grow the marijuana.

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