Guillory fits serial killer profile according to expert

Guillory fits serial killer profile according to expert
Monday, September 26, 2011 - 10:42pm

"Once they get their first taste of blood that's it," says author Susan Mustafa.

Mustafa has written books about Baton Rouge serial killers Sean Gillis and Derrick Todd Lee. She says Jefferey Guillory fits the mold of serial killers like Gillis and Lee, "I watched him looking  at the pictures of Johnny Martinez, his victim. No response, no remorse, nothing and that's basically the way they kill." They're doing that to please themselves and there's no thought of the victim."

She says he also is escpecially like Gillis in the fact that he went after prostitutes, "People like Jefferey Lee Guillory and Sean GIllis place no value on these women. They were easy prey."

Mustafa says there are certain events in these men's lives that usually lead them to becoming serial killers, "Serial killers usually have two factors . They have an abusive environment in which they grew....The other factor is a gene of psychosis somewhere in the family."

They also tend to commit smaller crimes before they start killing, "A lot of serial killers start by mutilating animals or robberies, peeping tom, stalking," says Mustafa.

She says, though, the motivation for each of these three murderers is different, "Derrick Todd Lee killed out of rage. Sean Gillis was just cold and sick. And Jefferey Lee Guillory killed out of sexual fantasy."

According to Mustafa, it's likely all of them killed many more people than those they've been convicted of murdering, "We don't exactly know how many each one of these men has killed. They're still more women out there that have been killed in the Baton Rouge area, in the areas where each of these men stalked and considered their hunting grounds." 

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