Former New Orleans Police officers sentenced for Manslaughter

Friday, April 1, 2011 - 9:22am

Barbaric, unforgivable, and inexcusable... that's how a federal court judge described the acts of former New Orleans Police officers David Warren and Gregory McRae -- as he handed down his sentence.

"it was an unjustified shooting, it was as the jury found, a manslaughter and there was no legitimate explanation for this," stated Jim Letten, U.S. Attonrey.

Warren will serve up to 25 ½ years in a federal prison and McRae 17 years for their roles in the death of Henry Glover following Hurricane Katrina.

Letten says this sentencing sends a powerful message to law enforcement.

"No law enforcement official, no public official, no one is above the law. We will seriously address and we will aggressively and fairly pursue any charges that are appropriate of anyone who violates the law and abuses the rights of our citizens," said Letten.

However, while it's another step toward closure for the Glover family, they aren’t totally satisfied.

"He should have gotten life - a life for a life,” stated Rebecca Glover, the victim’s aunt. “I mean you stole his life. I mean, why should you keep on living and reaping the benefits."

McRae's attorney plans to appeal.

"Obviously, I wanted less,” said Frank Desalvo, McRae’s attorney. “The judge gave his thoughts and reason and did what he thought was right, but I didn't agree."

Another former officer convicted in the case, Travis McCabe, is still awaiting sentencing.

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