EBRSO arrests man for recent attempted kidnapping, obscenity in parking lots

EBRSO arrests man for recent attempted kidnapping, obscenity in parking lots

POSTED: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 12:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 7, 2014 - 3:28pm

UPDATE 4-7-14: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s detectives have arrested the man who approached two teenage girls in the Cheer Force Academy parking lot and grabbed a woman in the parking lot between Bally’s and Fresh Market.


Joshua Elias Fino, 19, was arrested around 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning, April 7. He’s charged with Attempted Simple Kidnapping, Simple Battery, Obscenity, Criminal Trespassing and Video Voyeurism.

On Sunday, April 6, officers received a call about a man matching previous descriptions of Fino in the parking lot of Cheer Force Academy.

A staff member told police that he approached the suspect’s vehicle, but that the suspect sped away.

Detectives had received similar complaints over the past several weeks involving a man matching Fino’s description.

On Monday, March 31, police received reports of the suspicious man asking inappropriate questions to a woman and following her around the parking lot of Oakleigh Apartments.

A witness was able to get Fino’s license plate and give it to police.

Once in custody, Fino admitted to sitting in the Cheer Force parking lot Sunday evening “watching pornography on his cell phone and committing a lewd act.”

He also told police that he asked a woman inappropriate questions at Oakleigh Apartments, but that he walked away when she declined.

Fino also said that he later lied down on a curb and touched himself in view of another woman who was walking to her apartment.

He admitted to filming a woman and following a woman from Bally's Fitness to her car.

Fino was booked into parish prison. 


ORIGINAL 3-28-14: The Sheriff’s Office responded to two suspicious incidents involving a man approaching women in parking lots at night.

On Thursday evening, March 27, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a woman reported being approached by a man while leaving Bally’s Fitness Center at Perkins Rowe.

The woman told police that the man appeared to be recording her with his cell phone as she walked to her car parked at Fresh Market.

The man approached her and asked her personal questions about her age and where she lived.

When she started to get in her car, the suspect grabbed her arm. She was able to pull free and shut the door. The suspect then went around to the passenger side and knocked on her window as she drove off.

On Monday, March 24, at about 10:39 p.m., officers responded to another suspicious incident at Louisiana Cheer Force on Tiger Bend Road.

According to reports, two teenage girls were leaving the building and walking to their cars around 8:00 p.m. when a man approached them and made inappropriate sexual comments.

The two girls left in their cars. The man fit the description of the suspect ath Bally’s.

He was also reportedly wearing eyeglasses.

According to an employee at Cheer Force, the man returned at around 8:37 p.m. wearing only a t-shirt and what appeared to be dark-colored underwear. 

The employee saw the suspect looking through the front glass door. When the employee tried to approach him, the man ran to his vehicle and left the area.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is warning the public to proceed with caution when out alone at night particularly when leaving secluded areas.


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