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EBRSO deputies are inspecting your vehicles for safety

Photo by staff

POSTED: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 1:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 12:27am

EBR Sheriff Deputies are inspecting your vehicles, and they're doing it at random.  It's not for snooping, but for safety.

"We see a rising number of burglaries and we see that a lot of these burglaries involve unlocked vehicles and valuables in plain sight," said EBRSO spokesperson Casey Hicks.  More than 90 percent of those crimes are because of an unlocked door. With the Vehicle Burglary Deterrent Awareness Report, Deputies will go from car to car, looking for unlocked doors, open windows and visible valuables.
"We get calls all the time; what can i do to prevent being a victim of a crime," added Hicks.

They'll take a pamphlet and mark whether you pass or fail.  People we met were looking to see if they'll make the grade.
"I think i would pass. I'm really used to locking my car," said driver, Travis Hoag.  "I would fail miserably, I never lock my car," said Reed Petite.
9-year old Ava Ricks is too young to drive, but she mentioned "I don't know...Our car wasn't even locked.  [But I'd] hide it in under the seat or something like that."

But officials say, that's not enough. They say suspects know these tactics and can wait to see where you're hiding your stuff.  While deputies are searching here, criminals are here doing the exact same thing. So make sure you put those valuables in the trunk, and lock them up.

"I do see a lot of people who leave their cars unlocked, I work in retail," added Hoag.  Petite chimed, "Just to make people aware that other people notice when cars are unlocked or something is laying around."

No matter the grade, sheriff's office says they're looking forward to taking the opportunity away from these burglars.
"We're trying to patrol and investigate these events after they occur but here are some things you can do on the front end to keep this from
ever happening to you."

As a reminder, deputies will not be entering your vehicle.  The program started Tuesday.

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