DEMCO warns of utility scams taking place in LA

DEMCO warns of utility scams taking place in LA
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Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 10:48am

DEMCO has sent a warning to Co-op members and area residents regarding a utility scam currently taking place.

Several people contacted DEMCO, concerned about a phone call they received from a man claiming to be a DEMCO representative. The caller told customers there were discrepancies on their accounts and threatened to disconnect their services if they did not make immediate payments.

The members who then called DEMCO for verification discovered that the call was actually a scam.

All reports of this scam involved small businesses. After further investigation, DEMCO representative discovered similar utility scams around the country.

The scammers convince people to give sensitive information about their bank accounts, credit and debit cards, or preloaded money cards over the phone. Some customers even authorized payments for hundreds of dollars each.

They don’t realize it’s a scam until they receive their next energy bill.

“Please be aware of this scam, and help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors,” said John Vranic, CEO and General Manager of DEMCO.

Customers should be aware that DEMCO does not make calls to members asking for immediate payment.

Vranic suggests that if you are suspicious about a call from DEMCO, hang up and call the utility's listed numbers: 1-800-262-0221 or 225-261-1221.

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