Community reacts to alleged murder-suicide

Community reacts to alleged murder-suicide

POSTED: Friday, June 8, 2012 - 3:00pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 10, 2012 - 7:33pm

"Horrible, horrible," says Kendall Workman.

Workman has lived on Magazine Drive for more than five years. The only sounds she normally hears are the ducks at the nearby lake. That all changed around four Friday morning.

"We heard a few shots," says Workman.

Authorities believe Rauche Coleman shot his estranged wife and her son before turning the gun on himself. She's shocked that this could have happened less than a block from her home.

"This is the calmest, peaceful neighborhood that you could know of. Nothing. Nothing happens here. No loud noises. No parties, No, nothing. It's an excellent neighborhood.

It's a neighborhood where Workman says people look out for each other. According to Workman, Keisa Coleman had just moved the last of her stuff into her house on Thursday.

"I still can't believe that it would happen on my street," says Workman.

She's even more shocked that the alleged gunman would turn the gun on a juvenile.

"Shot a child, then shoot yourself. You've accomplished nothing. Who knows what was going through his head?" says Workman.

But she's most thankful that her 14-year old son wasn't one of the victims.

"Thank God they didn't meet because what if he was down there, having sleepovers. It does scare me," sasy Workman.

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