BR neighborhood in shock after child shot during car ride

BR neighborhood in shock after child shot during car ride
Monday, August 18, 2014 - 5:29pm

A local family is still grieving the death of a seven year old after what appears to have been a random act of violence in the Capitol City.

Little Terrez Coleman was shot while riding in the back seat of his family car yesterday

Coleman and his family were driving down Prescott Road when they passed another vehicle.

They heard a loud pop which turned out to be the sound of gun shots, one of them killing Terrez and injuring his sister.

Now family members and the community are searching for answers, with little success.

"Right now I am very, very shocked at what happened. I am sorry to hear about the child, both children really and I pray that who ever did it gets caught real soon," neighbor Jacqueline Coates told NBC33.

That was the reaction in the quiet Baton Rouge neighborhood where the random murder of Terrez Coleman happened. Neighbors say in a time where violence is prevalent in Baton Rouge, their neighborhood had remained peaceful.

"We don't really have too much violence going on in this neighborhood ya know. Whites and blacks live in this neighborhood. I get along with everybody," another neighbor Shaquille Farlow said.

Jacqueline Coates added: "It's peaceful out here, it's quiet, everybody knows everybody. We are the type of neighbors if I see my neighbor across the street I say hello and everything like that."

Once the Coleman's realized their son and daughter had been shot, they pulled into a nearby fire station. That's where emergency personnel gave medical assistance until the Sheriff's office took over.

"The two guys who were working for me that night come out and access the little boy who was deceased and immediately starting working on the little girl once they realized the girl had been shot, started working on her," Fire Chief of District 6, Joel Hancock told NBC33.

Hancock says, in his 30 years in the area, he hasn't seen such a senseless killing.

"As far as just a random drive-by shooting. Just to shoot at a car at free will, no that is very rare," Hancock said.

Right now, deputies say the gunman was in a dark colored car.
Without any leads, or motive, deputies believe this could have been just a random act of violence.
Or it could possibly be a way of getting initiated into a gang.

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