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Baker Middle School teacher arrested for battery on student

Baker Middle School teacher arrested for battery on student

POSTED: Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 3:36pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 1:41pm

A Baker Middle School Teacher was arrested Thursday after a student called his mother complaining that the teacher “yanked” him by the shirt and put him out of class.

According to reports the teacher, Deborah Anderson, stopped the student as he was entering the classroom because his shirt was un-tucked.

The student told police that once he was yanked out of the classroom, he was told to tuck in his shirt and stand outside.

Police spoke with other teachers provided verbal statements in reference to the incident. The teachers said they saw the student being very emotional and upset while standing outside of classroom but did not see the incident.

Police arrested the teacher and took her to the Baker Police Department for processing.

Upon the completion of all paperwork, the Defendant was transported to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and booked on a simple battery charge.

Her bond was set at $2,000.00. 

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If this child has been at this school since the first day of school, he and his parent should have read the dress code policy. It is the teacher's place to reinforce the dress code. Meanwhile, if she yanked him, yes she is wrong. However it is not the teacher's place to be psychologist to a child but to educate the child. Uniforms are very important to the schools, because it is a safety issue for off campus intruders and for the students who are not as fortunate as others.

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Parents these days are just as simple as their children!!! Assault....really?????? Tell the parent to home-school her cry baby of a son since he was so "emotional" over his SHIRT being "yanked". This crap has gone too far with these parents and terrible behaving children that teachers are forced to deal with. I bet they never addressed his behavior with refusing to tuck his shirt in which I am sure is a school policy. Three words for this stupid parent....GET A LIFE!!!!

this is one of the reason Kids or some parents don't have respect for ANY SCHOOLS today, they're more worried bout how the kids clothes fit, and not teaching them any thing for their MINDS. I feel that the school system has gone to far with this mess of what a child wear, and not working on what goes in the child head,

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