A Community in Belle Rose is shocked over teen's death


POSTED: Friday, March 9, 2012 - 6:58pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 11:39am

Assumption Parish Sheriff's Deputies say Eric Miles Jr. ,15, was stabbed during in a fist fight Thursday evening.

"We're still sorting out the details of what caused this escalation of violence. Usually we see a fist fight, and then everyone shakes hands, goes back to playing ball," said Assumption Parish Sheriff, Mike Waguespack.

Sheriff's Deputies say Miles and a former friend of his had a falling out, and that's what started the fight that ended his life.

"Their relationship was strained, they were best of friends as we're told, the relationship strained along the way a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure there was a lot of remorse and regrets that's going through his mind as we speak, we're gonna sort it out," Waguespack said.

Miles' neighbors and family in the Dorseyville community are wondering why a neighborhood fight involved weapons.

"Them little kids, they crazy and figure when they get into something, a knife or a gun is what it takes, and I used to tell my grandson that, it's better to walk away," said Miles' Grandfather, Louis Miles Sr.

Miles Sr. said his Grandson tried to run back to the house after the fight, and didn't make it. He was the last one to see Eric alive.

"I called him, I said "E", "E, talk to me, this is Paw Paw! Man, get up. He didn't move, *gasping,* and it was over then," he said sadly.

Miles Sr. says these acts are senseless. He says he doesn't even hold a grudge against the family of the other teen.

"You have two families broken up here, were broken here, their mom and them broke up over there from what you done did, and I know those people, that family is some good people," Miles Sr. said.

He said he can't imagine how Miles' father feels, who's in Texas on business.

"His daddy went to texas to go on a job, and he was gonna come back and get him, so he would have a place for him and his son to live. They called him on the bus, they told him his son was dead, aint that hard?"

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