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POSTED: Tuesday, May 20, 2014 - 1:31pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 7, 2014 - 6:03pm

Since early March, Kleinpeter Farms Dairy has been undertaking a rigorous and ongoing internal investigation to try to determine the cause or causes of some milk that consumers reported as having an “off” taste or going sour before its time. These complaints came in the form of emails to the dairy and comments on the company’s Facebook page.

Now, company officials believe they have gotten to the bottom of the problem and Jeff Kleinpeter, President and CEO, Kleinpeter Farms Dairy, has issued a formal apology in a video posted on the company’s YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page:

“Hi I’m Jeff Kleinpeter. Recently, some of our customers let us know that some of our milk seemed to have a “funny taste”, so we investigated, found the problem, and solved it. And I want to share that story with you today.

I’ve been working on equipment around the dairy since I was a kid, and I’m pretty good at spotting problems. So I personally started conducting inspections at all hours of the day and night. And sure enough, one morning at 2 am, we found the problem. An equipment malfunction allowed some very diluted soapy water to remain in one of our tanks after the tank was cleaned. So, we fixed that.

Then we set up a manual double check procedure to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But that’s not all. We also had customers tell us their milk tasted sour before the expiration date. We found some worn valves that could have been causing refrigeration issues here, which is important, because milk should always be kept colder than 38 degrees, so, we replaced those valves that caused that problem.
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our loyal Kleinpeter customers. I take full responsibility for these issues. Please forgive us, and please stick with us.

If you have any problems please call us at 225-753-2121, and thank you for making Kleinpeter Dairy Louisiana’s dairy for over 100 years. “

Kleinpeter Farms Dairy has followed up on every single complaint. The company has replaced milk free of charge or given refunds.

On average, the dairy produces 300,000 to 400,000 units of dairy products per day. The company has purchased a special piece of equipment to conduct its own shelf life study to test the freshness of every batch of milk to help assure it does not go sour before the expiration date.

“We need to have a way of really knowing that everything went right in our process. And the way that we would know that is by doing shelf life studies on a daily basis. This way we have another layer of protection to ensure that only the freshest milk reaches our customers,” Kleinpeter said.

To keep milk from spoiling, milk needs to be stored at 33 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The state code requirement for commercial milk coolers is 40.9 degrees or cooler. Kleinpeter has purchased a special refrigerator with a constant temperature of 45 degrees to test samples from every batch of milk produced to see how long they last. If those samples last as long as a week at 45 degrees without spoiling then milk stored in coolers within the correct temperature ranges should last as long as twenty days. 

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I also was a customer with problems of sour milk. Thank you for addressing the problem and being so open with the public. Judy

My retailer replaced the sour milk without a problem. It was sour before exp date on jug and I thought it may have been the store's cooler> Thanks for keeping us posted. Loyal Kleinpeter customer

What about refunds for milk that went bad too soon?

If the "correct temperature ranges" are 33 to 36F, how come commercial coolers - presumably those in the stores - are only spec'd for 40.9F? Doesn't that defeat the object? Or is your milk good for 20 days at 40.9F?

Good to know. We went over to Rice Milk when we repeatedly had Kleinpeter milk sour before due date (the grocery store assured us everything was fine in the store).

Now THAT'S stellar customer service! Way to go, Jeff! Sincere apology accepted and we look forward to continuing to love your products. I, too, am one of the folks who let you know about problems and I appreciate your dedication to quality and customer service.

Thanks for the great job that you do an for being honest with the public! I am one of the people that called to let you know there was a problem and I am very pleased to hear that it has been taken care of!
Thanks Gwen

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