Child ID theft impacts future

Friday, May 20, 2011 - 12:51pm

It's a growing form of identity theft and one that can seriously impact children as they grow older. Parents or family members are now using their child's social security number for their own personal benefit.

Since most children don't use their social security number until they're older, some parents have been known to use it instead. They're using those numbers to open bank accounts or erase criminal backgrounds. What they may not know is just how serious the impact can be on that child in the future.

"It could be catastrophic because again, the child has no access to this information, and often times, when they're trying to find out about it is when they're trying to go to college or get their first job or get their first apartment."

Now, there's a push to fix the problem. Some suggest public awareness or maybe a change to the system. Learn more about identity theft at

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