Charges dropped in Maurepas boating accident


POSTED: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 5:26pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 5:29pm

LIVINGSTON, La (WVLA)--One of the two survivors of a deadly boating accident in Maurepas will not face criminal charges.

That decision came from a grand jury hearing Tuesday afternoon.  Members said there wasn't enough evidence to convict 26 year old Blake Caronna of negligent homicide.

"This is a terrible accident, very, very tragic, some good people involved," said Livingston District Attorney Scott Perrilloux.  "We feel like we did our job presenting it fully and openly and fairly to the grand jury so they could consider it."

According to reports, Caronna was driving four people in a boat Memorial Day weekend when they all jumped in the water for a swim.

Authorities say when Caronna jumped in, he accidentally hit the throttle, causing the boat to spin out of control. The boat hit and killed 14 year old Mikayla Thibodeaux, 20 year old Anna Hite and 24 year old Ryan Ducote.

"This man wanted to go out and show off for a 14 year old girl and now she's not here," said Leon Moye, Mikayla Thibodeaux's stepfather.

Moye says the accident changed he and his wife's life forever. And he's angry Caronna won't serve any time for it.

"My day to day life is trying to hold on to a wife that's life is crumbling," said Moye. "She wakes up everyday without her baby."

Moye says he plans on filing a wrongful death civil suit.

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