Census Bureau releases 2010 results


POSTED: Friday, March 25, 2011 - 8:07am

UPDATED: Sunday, March 27, 2011 - 2:50pm

The Census Bureau released final figures from the 2010 count, and the data indicates that our country's Hispanic and Asian population is increasingly rapidly.

The new census numbers released on March 24 show that Hispanics account for more than half of the United States' growth in the last decade.

The Hispanic growth came from states that traditionally have not had large Hispanic communities, more than doubling in southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Also experiencing double-digit growth are Asians, which grew faster than the African-American population in 23 states.

Overall, the African-American population stayed stable, roughly equivalent to the country's 9.7 percent growth rate.

More than 8 million Americans now describe themselves as multi-racial.

"Overall, we've learned that our nation's population has become more racially and ethnically diverse over the past ten years," states US Census Bureau representative Nicholas Jones.

Geographically, the numbers also show this country's major cities got bigger.

"The U.S. population is increasingly metropolitan, with a record 83.7 percent of the population now living inside a metro area," states Jones.

Twelve cities gained more than 100,000 people during the past decade with the biggest increases taking place in Louisville, Fort Worth, Charlotte, San Antonio and New York City.

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The US 2010 census projection of our population stating it has grown from 282 million in 2000 to 309 million in 2010, a net increase of 27 million residents in a decade. The Pew Research Center study has calculated the total to the U.S. population of 438 million by 2050. That's if there are no policy changes, an increase of 129 million over the 2010 population, which means more oil, energy and water sources.Not to mention the lose of farmland for homes. Wild Creature are also being disrupted from their century old environments. Any prudent person analyzing this data would recognize their are well over 11. million illegal aliens in this country; more like 20 million plus? Our country has been lied to by Leftist groups, who want all borders open as a free society.

We must organize with everybody who have the same opinions as the TEA PARTY on halting illegal immigration. We just cannot afford to support the world anymore; how can we support the poor of other countries, when we don't aid our own below the bread line? The only people who will gain advantage from out-of-control illegal immigrant occupation, is business of every type. Millions more customers bring enormous profits and wealth to the owners, who the majority don't live in congested neighborhoods. Only the relentless Tea Party politicians can save America from overpopulation?

That fact is we could accomplishes huge savings if illegal aliens and instant citizenship offspring were cut-off from all welfare benefits and States such as the Sanctuary State of California, would not be crippled by a 26 billion dollar deficit, partially caused by education, health care and the overcrowded jail and prisons from the settlement of illegal foreigners. Our cities infrastructure are crumbling, including highways, bridges, tunnels, with the constant effect of overcrowding. Beneath the ground is a 50 year of danger of leaking sewerage pipes, electric wiring and water supplies.They are not the only State burdened by massive loses to their general funds, being siphoned off by illegal immigrant entitlements.

Consider a future if we don't seal our borders, stop tourist visa over- stayers, enforce immigration laws by using ATTRITION as the main deterrent. Make our politicians enact E-Verify as a permanent law to reduce the illegal influx of foreigners. Mandate the use of Secure Communities for every police force throughout America, backed by the federal 287 (g) policies to fingerprint and identify every individual in (ICE) databases, so that all criminals can be handed over to the Immigration and Customs Service for deportation. Further our chances of ignorant businesses hiring cheap labor, when our own citizens-residents cannot get jobs, by joining the Tea PARTY. They will stop the Tax and Spend Liberals, reduce government, return jobs to bona fide Americans and halt the illegal immigration invasion, that is overwhelming every community and bringing even more poverty to America.

Attention: General Electric paid no taxes whatsoever last fiscal year. The Tax code needs to be reinvented, so everybody pays their fair share. In the last election the State Attorney Generals of New Mexico, New York, Texas and New Jersey stated illegal aliens voted in the prior election. My opinion is these people are compromising the vote in California and Nevada as well, because of the massive populations of foreign nationals.

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