Caught on Camera

Video from police dash-cam shows conclusion of an unusual chase

Video from a Utah police dash-cam was released Wednesday and shows the conclusion of an unusual chase on I-80.

Patrons claim police used excessive force breaking up fight

Two Houston, Texas women are going public with video they say shows police officers roughing up a man in a nightclub.

Security footage shows man sneak onto high school campus, assault female student

Police in Houston, Texas are looking for a man who attacked a girl on a high school campus.

Parents outraged that bystanders recorded attack on their daughter and posted on Facebook

Parents are outraged after a student at Calvin Hunsinger School in Clearwater, Florida took a video instead of breaking up a fight near the bus drop-off circle.

Convenience store clerk one-ups knife wielding robber when he pulls a sword from underneath the counter

A clerk in New Bedford, Massachusetts turned the tables during a convenience store robbery. When the would-be robber pulled out his knife, clerk Brian Patel pulled out a sword.

Woman searching for scrap metal gets picked up by garbage truck

A Wichita, Kansas woman narrowly avoided death after becoming trapped inside a garbage truck while dumpster diving Thursday morning.

Parents release video of physical therapist allegedly abusing their disabled daughter

The parents of a 7-year-old girl at the center of a child endangerment investigation have released shocking video.

Surveillance camera shows thief steal woman's truck, trailer and beloved horse

Surveillance cameras were rolling when a thief stole a Texas woman's pickup truck and the trailer it was towing, with her horse inside. Linda Lee said she did everything she could to keep her horse and property safe.

Home video shows large tornado ripping through Hattiesburg, Mississippi

A tornado ripped through the town of Hattiesburg, Mississippi on Sunday, Feb 10. A fire official says the twister caused major damage in the city and on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Heroic police rescue: ‘Don’t fall! There’s a huge alligator below you’

An officer jumped off a bridge with the intent to land on a piling 10 feet below during a rescue mission to save a man who was threatening to end his life.

Security footage shows woman who conned salesmen out of luxury SUV keys

 As you watch video from a Dearborn Heights, Michigan car dealership, keep your eyes on the woman at the center of the screen.

Wig-wearing robber hits mobile phone store for thousands in cash

A man wearing a wig robbed an employee and customer in a mobile phone store at gunpoint.

Burglars take electronics from high school, candy among looted items

Three burglary suspects were caught on camera taking electronics, cash and candy from a local high school.

Surveillance cameras show train slamming into semi truck at full speed

A Lyndonville, Vermont gas station is still picking up debris after a truck, barreling through flashing red crossing lights, crashed into the nose of a speeding train Tuesday.

Three charged with assault and battery after argument at baby shower gets out of hand

Massachusetts police continue to investigate a brawl between three men at a baby shower in Stoughton on Saturday.