Caught on Camera

Taxi flips school bus full of children in NYC

Nine people were hurt Monday afternoon when a taxi hit a school bus filled with children in New York. The school bus flipped over and the accident was caught on camera.

Drunk driver crashes into an Ohio Circle K, hits customer

An Ohio man is recovering after being hit by a truck...while he was standing inside a Hamilton convenience store. The whole incident was captured on store surveillance video.

VIDEO: Stranger saves kids from murderous mom in FL

A witness who helped rescue a family after their mother allegedly drove her minivan into the ocean off of Daytona Beach, Florida says that one of the children was screaming that their mother was trying to kill them.

Brutal bus beating caught on camera in WA

A 24-year-old man is behind bars for felony assault, after a brutal beating of a bus driver was captured on bus surveillance cameras.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: FL Man safely lands plane after bird shatters window

Sheer panic. That's how one pilot describes the moments after the window of his plane exploded in mid air. It all happened on Saturday afternoon on his way into Page Field Airport in Fort Myers.

VIDEO: Illinois woman gets out of car right before train hits it

A woman walked away without any injuries after a train crashed into her car in Des Plaines, Illinois Monday and it was all caught on tape!

UT: burglar crawls through duct, gets stuck in jewelery store

A man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of burglary after he allegedly broke into a Sandy, Utah Jewelery store through the ceiling of a neighboring store, police said.

New footage emerges from Wisconsin bus brawl

A teen boy is facing charges and a bus driver is out of a job after a brawl on a bus in Wisconsin last month.

VIDEO: Car crashes into Kentucky daycare

No one was injured Wednesday morning when a car came crashing into a Radcliff, Kentucky daycare center. The accident happened around 7:20 a.m. at the R & L Child Care.

YouTube video incriminates CA teacher now facing child sex abuse charges

A former teacher accused in a YouTube video of child sex abuse has now been arrested. She resigned two weeks ago from her job as a school administrator in Southern California.

Caught on Cam: fiery rescue on Minnesota hwy

Police dashboard video shows an intense roadside rescue in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Detroit man takes stolen school bus for joyride

A man is in custody after police say he stole a 50 passenger school bus in Detroit Wednesday morning and took it on a bizarre, wild drive that turned dangerous.

Wild bird spends days in TX Wal-Mart

An alert customer catches a troublesome bird on video multiple times. "When I hit the corner, my first reaction was, 'Really?'," said customer Ranell Roy.

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Drivers on phones present public hazard, 1 flips car

While it's against the law to text and drive in Georgia, it's okay for an adult to talk on the phone behind the wheel.

Police mistake movie for acutal robbery

Surveillance footage shows a masked man walking in to a convenience store in Lowell, Massachusetts...waving a gun around and point it at the store clerk's head.