Caught on Camera

Massive fire lights up the sky in Philadelphia

A massive fire has destroyed a warehouse in Philadelphia. The flames from this five-alarm fire lit up the night sky. Burning embers from the fire sparked several house fires.

Driver accidentally accelerates and lands car in river

It was a bad day for a driver in eastern China on Thursday, April 5, and it was all caught on tape.

Dust devil on Mars caught on camera

We are getting new images of a massive dust storm on mars. The dust devil, which has a plume of almost 12 miles above the surface, was recorded by a context camera currently orbiting the Red Planet.

Dramatic video of rescue effort gone horribly wrong

Dramatic video was released of a rescue effort in Norway that went horribly wrong. An 18-wheeler didn't have proper tires and was being pulled up an icy mountain road in western Norway on Sunday, April 1.

Wind causing a ruckus in Japan

Heavy winds in Japan are causing a mess. So far the typhoon-strength winds have killed two people and injured dozens more.

Cameras roll as driver runs over diesel pump twice

Authorities are not sure if a motorist was unhappy about gas prices, or if it was a death wish!

Payton plays the bongos at Buffett concert

Just when you think a free concert couldn’t get any better, it does.  

Police chase that killed one, injured woman and toddler, caught on camera

A wild police chase in Philadelphia ended in a violent crash during the night on Friday, March 30. One person was killed and two others were injured. It was all caught on tape.

Camera captured woman mixing lethal cocktail for WWII vet

A California woman is accused of concocting a deadly mix of Oxycontin and yogurt to help an 86-year-old WWII veteran take his own life, according to prosecutors.

A look inside a tornado as it throws a school bus around

When a tornado slammed into Henryville, Indiana it tossed school buses around like toys. Now, a first look from inside a bus as the twister hit. At first, things are calm, then you see the bus start moving.

Rare sighting of a mother elephant and new born calf caught on camera

A wild Asian elephant and its newborn calf were caught on tape recently in southwest China. The mother and its baby were spotted by a villager in a small rubber tree forest in China's Vunnan province.

Pilot suffers psychiatric break down during flight; emergency landing in Texas

A Jetblue plane had to make an emergency landing yesterday, Tuesday, March 27, in Amarillo, Texas because the captain suffered from a psychiatric emergency.

Oklahoma police investigate three officers for use of taser during airport security breach

Oklahoma City police are investigating three of their own after a disturbance at Will Rogers World Airport.

Camera’s capture cell phone robber slashing man’s neck at gas station

A Detroit, Michigan man is lucky to be alive after being stabbed Saturday, March 24 by a woman trying to steal his cell phone.

High prices causes spike in gas thefts

As gas prices continue to increase law enforcement says they are seeing a spike in gas theft. Incidents like this one that was caught on tape in Sacramento, California, have risen by nearly 50 percent since January.