Caught on Camera

Man is rescued not once, but twice during heavy flooding

A Mobile, Alabama man is lucky to be alive after being rescued not once, but twice from raging flood waters overnight.

FL deputies leap into action to stop suicide attempt

Florida sheriff's deputies saved a suicidal man who was trying to jump off a bridge, and it was all caught on camera.

Thief steals donation jar for terminally ill PA woman

Surveillance video shows a man stealing a donation jar filled with money meant for a terminally ill woman.

Houston construction worker trapped on top floor of burning building

A woman working in a nearby building grabbed her cellphone and recorded the dramatic rescue of a construction worker who was trapped when an apartment complex where he was doing work on went up in flames.

4-year-old boy buried in mud by Saturday's mudslide is pulled to safety

Video released Tuesday shows the dramatic moment a helicopter rescue team rescues a four year old boy from the devastating mudslides in Washington State.

VIDEO: CA man narrowly misses getting hit by train

Four people illegally crossed the train tracks at the Redwood City CalTrain station.

Airborne truck narrowly misses Iowa police during traffic stop

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office has now released a dash cam video from a driver barreling into a crash scene, nearly injuring officers involved in investigating a recent Interstate 80 crash.

OH man repeatedly flashes children from window

A Baltimore, Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly standing nude in a window, exposing himself to children on passing school buses.

Vandal accidently sets himself on fire in TX

A Houston, Texas man claims a "shakedown" for money is behind a series of threats that culminated with a Molotov cocktail being used to heavily damage his car.

Taxi flips school bus full of children in NYC

Nine people were hurt Monday afternoon when a taxi hit a school bus filled with children in New York. The school bus flipped over and the accident was caught on camera.

Drunk driver crashes into an Ohio Circle K, hits customer

An Ohio man is recovering after being hit by a truck...while he was standing inside a Hamilton convenience store. The whole incident was captured on store surveillance video.

VIDEO: Stranger saves kids from murderous mom in FL

A witness who helped rescue a family after their mother allegedly drove her minivan into the ocean off of Daytona Beach, Florida says that one of the children was screaming that their mother was trying to kill them.

Brutal bus beating caught on camera in WA

A 24-year-old man is behind bars for felony assault, after a brutal beating of a bus driver was captured on bus surveillance cameras.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: FL Man safely lands plane after bird shatters window

Sheer panic. That's how one pilot describes the moments after the window of his plane exploded in mid air. It all happened on Saturday afternoon on his way into Page Field Airport in Fort Myers.

VIDEO: Illinois woman gets out of car right before train hits it

A woman walked away without any injuries after a train crashed into her car in Des Plaines, Illinois Monday and it was all caught on tape!