Caught on Camera

Michigan man claiming to be from planet "Zoltron" jumps onto moving cop car

A man, apparently on drugs, jumped onto the windshield of a Michigan sheriff's department cruiser Sunday.

VIDEO: Hero cop saves driver from fiery gas station crash in NY

White Plains, NY (WPIX) -- When this off-duty police officer saw a man in need, he didn't hesitate to put himself in harm's wa

Ohio man caught on camera shooting house cat

Police in Cleveland, Ohio are asking for the public's help identifying a man caught on video shooting a cat. Danielle Stiegelmeyer, the cat owner, says Jack was more than a family pet; he was the neighborhood cat.

Fishermen hook extremely rare sawfish off Florida's Boynton Beach.

It was a pretty good day out on the boat for Dustin Richter Monday. "The kingfish almost took all the line out of my reel. Those fish are very strong and put up a good fight," said Richter.

Caught on Camera: Massive school bus fire, just misses fire truck

A fire on a Minnesota school bus became a rolling inferno Tuesday afternoon.

VIDEO: man slams motorcycle head-on into SUV, walks away

(NBC News) Missouri police have released traffic camera video of a horrifying motorcycle crash. The video, recorded May 9, shows 20-year-old Britt Hamilton entering an intersection just as an SUV turns in front of him.

Caught On Camera: Car slams into little girl while fleeing police

What started out as a typical Friday night for Cassidy Wall and her little sister Zmyiah quickly turned dangerous.

Pet cat comes to rescue when boy is viciously attacked by dog

The pet cat came to the rescue after a dog attacked a four year old boy. Security cameras captured the dramatic footage as the boy was seen riding his bike.

VIDEO: NH house explodes, officier shot

A New Hampshire home is in flames after a fiery explosion and an officer involved shooting there. Take a look at the video and you can see the flames shooting out of the roof.

Fishermen reel in pregnant hammerhead shark & help her deliver 20 pups

A group of Florida fishermen lured in a big catch last week: an injured 12-foot hammerhead shark that held a shocking surprise. "People call me crazy but, I'd rather save a fish," says fisherman Noe Campos.

Man is rescued not once, but twice during heavy flooding

A Mobile, Alabama man is lucky to be alive after being rescued not once, but twice from raging flood waters overnight.

FL deputies leap into action to stop suicide attempt

Florida sheriff's deputies saved a suicidal man who was trying to jump off a bridge, and it was all caught on camera.

Thief steals donation jar for terminally ill PA woman

Surveillance video shows a man stealing a donation jar filled with money meant for a terminally ill woman.

Houston construction worker trapped on top floor of burning building

A woman working in a nearby building grabbed her cellphone and recorded the dramatic rescue of a construction worker who was trapped when an apartment complex where he was doing work on went up in flames.

4-year-old boy buried in mud by Saturday's mudslide is pulled to safety

Video released Tuesday shows the dramatic moment a helicopter rescue team rescues a four year old boy from the devastating mudslides in Washington State.