Caught on Camera

Spectators show up to watch tank destroy house

The population of Kasota, Minnesota nearly doubled Saturday as the crew from Drive-A-Tank, a company which gives average civilians a chance to maneuver massive tanks, arrived for spectacle worth a good seat.

Kentucky town holds bed derby

We're just a few days away from the Kentucky Derby, but more than horses are running for the roses this week.

Man arrested after interrupting reporter's live shot

A Charlotte, North Carolina man is facing charges after shoving a WMBF News reporter, snatching her microphone, and shouting expletives on live television Wednesday night.

Caught on Cam: Store clerk shot during robbery

An Aurora, Colorado store clerk shot in an armed robbery on Thursday spoke to NBC affiliate KUSA about just how quickly two men walked into his father's store in search of money and opened fire.

Fishermen capture video of a rare basking shark off the California coast

More than a dozen fishermen on an early morning expedition off San Clemente, California got the sight of a lifetime Wednesday morning. There, before their eyes, was the 20 foot leviathan. It was no mythical Moby Dick.

Toddler reunited with dad after harrowing ordeal

A Rhode Island man and his 2 year old son were reunited Tuesday after a brief but harrowing ordeal.

Girls falls through sidewalk

Authorities in China have released remarkable video taken last month of a teenager falling through a sidewalk.

Security cameras roll as car slams into Florida grocery store

Ten people were injured Saturday when a 76-year-old driver slammed into a Publix grocery store in Palm Coast, Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol released surveillance video showing the crash on Monday.

Surveillance video shows men robbing Texas church

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Nassau Bay, Texas is committed to helping people in their spiritual journey.

Crash surprise for Chevron customers in Texas

A store in Lindale, Texas gained an unwelcomed surprise today, Friday, April 20, after a car crashed into the building.

Cameras roll as drunk man just barely avoids being hit by car

A very lucky break for a man in Belarus was caught on camera. When watching the video, keep an eye out for a man in an orange vest up the road. He suddenly stumbles right into traffic.

Car slams into Florida store

Dramatic images released of a car plowing into a Florida grocery store over the weekend. The Florida Highway Patrol said ten people were injured Saturday when a 76-year-old driver slammed into this grocery store.

Solar prominence caught by NASA cameras

NASA shared some actual video of what's called solar prominence. It was recorded on Monday. A solar prominence is a large bright feature that extends outward from the sun's surface.

Chinese bridge destroyed in mere seconds

Explosives demolished a nearly 3,800 foot-long viaduct in seconds over the weekend in eastern China. It was the second demolition as part of a project to upgrade the local highway network in the western part of Nanjing.

Spectacular video captured of Mt. Etna erupting

Spectacular video was captured of Europe's highest active volcano erupting on Thursday, April 12. Mt. Etna began erupting with a series of explosions that flung ash and smoke 9,000-feet into the air.