Caught on Camera

Mother comes forward after video of boy in washing machine goes viral

Investigators believe they've found the toddler featured in a disturbing surveillance video that shows the child trapped in a laundromat washing machine.

Boy nearly gets hit in rush hour traffic in China

A three-year-old boy in eastern China joined rush hour traffic this week on his toy scooter. Surveillance video showed the boy riding his scooter through an intersection.

Caught on Camera: Reporter wipes out on motorcycle

WXII's Stephanie Berzinski crashes a new Harley Davidson during a live shot.

Police dashcam footage shows driver-less bus plowing into traffic

A dashboard-mounted camera inside a Connecticut police cruiser captured the harrowing moments as a runaway CT Transit bus slammed into nearby vehicles Wednesday.

Security camera shows car slamming into a convenience store

A car slammed into a gas station in Michigan, and it was caught on tape. Security video from this 711 in Saginaw Township shows the speeding car crashing through the store.

Camera rolls as alligator knocks down & bites aquarium scientist

A scientist who was called in to help remove an alligator from a Carteret County, North Carolina neighborhood ended up being bitten on the arm by the reptile.

Man accused of tossing scalding coffee on donut shop worker turns himself in

The man accused of throwing hot coffee on a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania donut shop worker turned himself in to police on Monday. By Tuesday morning David Timbers was out of custody after posting ten percent of $25,000 bail.

Tornado caught on camera

A tornado touched down in central New Mexico and it was caught on tape. The National Weather Service believes the twister is an EF-0 or EF-1 tornado. It touched down in Magdalena on Sunday afternoon.

Engineers stage car crashes to learn more about how they happen

To learn how to reconstruct traffic crashes after the fact, you have to actually see one. Engineers, scientists and crash investigators junked four vehicles during two controlled crashes in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday.

Helmet-cam records frightening gator encounter

An alligator attack was the last thing Tommy Swiader expected when he set out in his kayak on a Casselberry, Florida lake. Swiader's helmet camera filmed the whole thing.

Driver takes off with officer in-tow

Shocking video of a Florida traffic stop shows a driver speeding off and an officer springing into action.

Prom picture problem

A group of high schoolers in Oconomowoc, Wisconson tried to take a traditional prom picture but instead ended up taking the dip of a lifetime.

Two firefighters injured after underground electrical vault explodes

Two California firefighters were injured late Sunday when an underground electrical vault exploded in Yorba Linda. The firefighters were treated for minor burns and released after the explosions.

Mother bear and two cubs wander into California neighborhood

A mother bear and her two cubs climbed a tree in an Altadena, California neighborhood Thursday morning -- then climbed higher after someone started a leaf blower -- and stayed there for a mid-day nap before wandering around the neighborhood and

Lion frustrated by plate glass separating it from toddler at zoo

A video of a little boy's visit to the lion exhibit at the Oregon Zoo has been getting quite a bit of attention.