Caught on Camera

Shooting victim found lying outside Wal-Mart entrance, suspect surrenders

A man who was shot last night at a Wal-Mart in Opelousas is recovering today in stable condition. His attacker is now locked up after turning himself in to police.

Bridal party plunge

A bride and groom gathered together with their best buds and made a big splash in Shelbyville,Michigan. But what t they didn't expect was to get wet.

The lost street: Waters rush through neighborhood in Minnesota

You could call it a river too treacherous to cross, if it were a river at all and not Vermillion Street in Thomson. "I just can't believe it."

Woman upset with screening, gropes TSA supervisor

A lot of people get peeved about TSA pat downs, but one Bonita Springs, Florida woman is accused of groping an agent in return. It happened on her way to Cleveland, Ohio.

Camera rolls as ferry slams into Alaska seafood processing plant

A woman's camera was rolling when the Alaska ferry she was on slammed into a seafood processing plant. A state ferry hit the Ocean Beauty Seafood dock head-on.

Highway thieves strike Romania

A daring high speed truck robbery is caught on tape in Romania by police. Police say a criminal gang working in two cars has been stealing goods from trucks.

New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority downplays video of napping train conductor

NBC News has obtained video showing a New York subway conductor slumped in his seat with his head down on an Uptown 1 train as it rumbled along late last week. The Metropolitan Transit Authority says it is investigating.

Elderly driver and office occupants unharmed when car slams into building

An elderly woman escaped unharmed after she crashed her car into a storefront office in Marlboro, Massachusetts narrowly missing three women inside.

Man to walk tightrope across Niagra Falls

From the U.S. you can fly, drive or walk to Canada, and now you can temporarily balance your way to Canada, very carefully. The two countries are now connected by a cord high above Niagara Falls.

Bogota host tomato-throwing festival

People were seeing red in one Colombian town. For more than two hours on Sunday, locals in a town northeast of Bogota held its traditional Tomatina, a tomato-throwing festival.

Mean bird attacks car

Journalists get put it a lot of dangerous situations, but for one crew a situation in the wild turned fowl at the sound of a squawk. A team of journalists in Finland stopped to shoot a colorful wood grouse.

Police footage shows players discussing call to coach after arrest for public urination

Police in Shawnee Hills, Ohio have released surveillance video revealing more details about what happened the night two Ohio State University football players were arrested after police say they urinated near a daycare center.

Hundreds forced to evacuate when funnel cloud forms over ceremony

A sudden storm forced hundreds to evacuate Absegami High School's graduation ceremony in Galloway, New Jersey Thursday when hail begin falling from the sky.

Michigan police arrest habitual drunk driver on stolen motorized wheelchair

A Mighican man's seventh drunk driving arrest will be one to remember. Utica police arrested Raymond Kulma while he was operating a stolen motorized wheelchair.

Accident sends fireworks into crowd at high school graduation ceremony

A Florida graduation ceremony ended with an unexpected bang Friday night.