Caught on Camera

Bogota host tomato-throwing festival

People were seeing red in one Colombian town. For more than two hours on Sunday, locals in a town northeast of Bogota held its traditional Tomatina, a tomato-throwing festival.

Mean bird attacks car

Journalists get put it a lot of dangerous situations, but for one crew a situation in the wild turned fowl at the sound of a squawk. A team of journalists in Finland stopped to shoot a colorful wood grouse.

Police footage shows players discussing call to coach after arrest for public urination

Police in Shawnee Hills, Ohio have released surveillance video revealing more details about what happened the night two Ohio State University football players were arrested after police say they urinated near a daycare center.

Hundreds forced to evacuate when funnel cloud forms over ceremony

A sudden storm forced hundreds to evacuate Absegami High School's graduation ceremony in Galloway, New Jersey Thursday when hail begin falling from the sky.

Michigan police arrest habitual drunk driver on stolen motorized wheelchair

A Mighican man's seventh drunk driving arrest will be one to remember. Utica police arrested Raymond Kulma while he was operating a stolen motorized wheelchair.

Accident sends fireworks into crowd at high school graduation ceremony

A Florida graduation ceremony ended with an unexpected bang Friday night.

Bell tower taken down by explosives

Italian firefighters made the decision to implode the bell tower of a church that was heavily damaged in two earthquakes that recently hit the area.

Gator stops traffic in Pointe Coupee Parish

An angry reptile caused a ruckus in Pointe Coupee Parish. A 7-foot alligator tried to walk across LA-77 just outside of Livonia this morning. The gator didn't want to budge, so deputies had to come and get him.

Truck crashes into Minnesota bar

Amazing video shows a pickup truck smashing through the wall of a bar in Minnesota, and luckily, no one was killed.

Driver records Secret Service agent driving erratically

The license plate on a black Dodge Charger recorded speeding erratically on Interstate 77 and using blue lights to pull over a vehicle was assigned to a Secret Service agent, according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service agency.

Girl injured in fall from rock-climbing wall at Miami's Marlins Park

An 11-year-old girl is flat on her back at Florida's Jackson Memorial Hospital, recovering from a fall of about 20 feet at a Marlins Park rock-climbing wall.

Wedding party braves Tropical Storm Beryl

As Tropical Storm Beryl came inching closer to the Florida coast, one brave couple raced to get through their vows before it came ashore.

Florida doctor injures himself and spits blood on a trooper after DUI arrest

A Florida doctor's violent outburst after being arrested for DUI was all caught on a Highway Patrol trooper's dash cam.

Mother comes forward after video of boy in washing machine goes viral

Investigators believe they've found the toddler featured in a disturbing surveillance video that shows the child trapped in a laundromat washing machine.

Boy nearly gets hit in rush hour traffic in China

A three-year-old boy in eastern China joined rush hour traffic this week on his toy scooter. Surveillance video showed the boy riding his scooter through an intersection.