Caught on Camera

Family records Great White shark feeding off Massachusetts coast

A family watched as a great white shark went on a feeding frenzy off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, and caught it all on camera.

Cell phone video shows child dragged around classroom as teacher watches & even joins in

A Washington state family wants a middle school teacher fired after their son was picked on in the teacher's classroom. The incident happened in February at Gig Harbor's Kopachuck Middle School.

Gang targets electronics store in brazen robbery

Florida police are investigating a smash and grab burglary at a Hialeah electronics store. The burglary happened at the H.H. Gregg on West 20th Avenue.

Caught on camera: Chase with kids

A Utah couple has been arrested after fleeing from police with four children in the back of their minivan.

Utah officials release video of fatal train collision

Video from a fatal train accident released Tuesday by the Utah Transit Authority shows the driver going around a downed crossing arm.

Photographer captures sharks feeding just off Jersey shore

A once in a lifetime moment at the Jersey shore has become the latest YouTube sensation. It's a video of sharks literally flying through the air as they devour fish.

Alaska home slipping into river due to glacial melt

A home in Butte, Alaska, is on the verge of tipping into a river. 

Security camera footage shows barn being blown away in Texas storm

Residents in Krum, Texas spent Monday cleaning up after high winds slammed their property Sunday afternoon. The storm damaged homes and destroyed barns and fences.

Florida deputies pull over inebriated lawnmower driver

A Florida man has been charged with driving his lawnmower under the influence.

Experimental NASA spacecraft explodes moments after liftoff

A prototype NASA spacecraft exploded on lift-off during a test flight at Kennedy Space Center on Thursday afternoon.

Security camera shows bear 'pigging out' in Colorado candy shop

Security camera footage shows a young black bear pigging out inside a Colorado candy store. The bear broke into the Estes Park Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had a good time eating candy.

Store owner uses club, store shelves to beat would-be robber

Two suspected robbers got more than they bargained for when they tried to rob a New Bedford, Massachusetts convenience store.

Woman disguised as nurse attempted to take newborn from California hospital

A California woman was arrested Monday on suspicion of kidnapping after she allegedly posed as a Garden Grove Medical Center employee and stole a newborn girl from a mother's hospital room, police said.

Cell phone video shows officer striking handcuffed suspect

A Maryland police officer is under investigation after striking a handcuffed suspect. Craig Reddix, a witness, shot cell phone video showing the Laurel officer hitting the man in handcuffs.

Salvation Army Thieves Security footage shows people raiding donation bins

One man's trash is another man's treasure, and thieves are finding their own version of gold at the expense of a Salvation Army store in Oxford, Mississippi.