Pilot suffers psychiatric break down during flight; emergency landing in Texas

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POSTED: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 5:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 5:04am

A Jetblue plane had to make an emergency landing yesterday, Tuesday, March 27, in Amarillo, Texas because the captain suffered from a psychiatric emergency.

Flight 191 from New York was headed to Las Vegas, but had to land because of an apparent medical situation with the captain. According to some passengers, the pilot was disruptive and yelling about a bomb.

Cell phone video captured some of the disruption from inside the plane.

The captain was eventually locked out of the cockpit by crew members and restrained.

An off-duty Jetblue captain who was on the flight joined the flight crew and helped land the plane.

Medical personnel were on hand in Amarillo once the plane landed and Jetblue officials say the captain was then taken to a medical facility.

Below is the communication with the tower.

First officer: "Amarillo, Jetblue 191, emergency."

ATC: "Jetblue 191, Amarillo, clear to pilot's discretion. Maintain 6000 and expect a visual approach, runway 22. Do you guys have an instrument approach set up that you want to shoot?"

First officer: "We're looking for it right now, Jetblue 191."
ATC: "Jetblue 191, roger, for now just turn five degrees to the left and if you need something different let me know."

First officer: "Cleared to land, Jetblue 191 emergency and we're going to need authorities and medical to meet us at the airplane."
Tower: "Yes sir, they're standing by for you."

Tower: "The pilot requests medical and security as soon as able."
Amarillo command: "You got medical and security standing by. What door does he want? l1 be sufficient?"

Amarillo command: "They're putting the air stairs up to door one, r1, as we speak. If you can have somebody open it from the inside we'll get it in position. We have medical and security personnel on the ground standing by to board."
First officer: "Thanks. Will do. Thank you."

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