New footage emerges from Wisconsin bus brawl

Caught on Camera
Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 2:33pm

A teen boy is facing charges and a bus driver is out of a job after a brawl on a bus in Wisconsin last month.

The shocking video, shot inside a bus packed with high school students shows the heated moments before a violent altercation between Kenosha Transit bus driver, Scotty Wells and a teen passenger last month.

The video seems to show the testy encounter was not the first time the two had exchanged words.

Bus Driver: "I know it's you. I've been waiting to see you."

Student: "What's that for?"

Bus Driver: "That's for your mouth."

Student: [inaudible]

Bus Driver: "No, when you got off the bus the last time."

Reportedly, wells told authorities he asked for the teen's information after allegedly experiencing issues with him on previous rides.

The teen is seen in the video taking his seat, but a few moments later, he approaches the front of the bus and pulls the first punch.

Bus Driver: "When that border goes, that bus pass is no longer any good."

Student: "That's bull**** man."

Bus Driver: "You little punk. Get the heck outta here."

But, perhaps more shocking, watch here as the bus, still moving-- with no one behind the wheel-- crashes into three parked cars, one with people still inside.

Passenger: "Somebody stop the bus!"

The teen is facing felony charges for assaulting Wells and reckless endangerment.

Wells declined to comment, saying, "You can talk to my union rep."

His union rep is fighting for him to get his job back.

"My issue with the bus driver is that, when defended himself, he put others at risk, and he put them at peril and at risk by defending himself while the bus wasn't in park,” said Jenny Hutt, co-host of CNN Headline News’ "Dr. Drew On Call."

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