GRAPHIC VIDEO: Colorado parents arrested after family friend secretly recorded abuse

Photo/video provided by CNN.
Caught on Camera

POSTED: Friday, October 18, 2013 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 18, 2013 - 6:34pm

WARNING: The video attached to this story could be considered disturbing to some viewers.

A Colorado couple is charged with child abuse after video of them slapping and shaking their 1 year-old baby surfaced this week. Police say a friend noticed earlier this summer that the mother had been hitting her baby, but when the friend went to social services, they reportedly said they needed evidence so she got her camera ready.

"There are astonishingly few videos done or movies done of this kind of thing. It's a good thing there aren't too many," said Dr. Desmond Runyan, "It was really hard to watch."

Because having to watch something like this shows us all how terrible some situations can be.

Dr. Desmond Runyan, "If you did that kind of hitting to someone else that was an adult, it would be criminal assault, and it should be criminal assault, and it should be criminal assault on a child, even if it's your own child."

In this case, both parents were charged with misdemeanor child abuse.

An affidavit obtained by 9 News shows both lied to officers when initially questioned, but later came clean when the officers showed them the video.

Dr. Desmond Runyan, "People need to just step back and think what is it that's going on here."

What's happening here, said Dr. Runyan, is a child looking for attention. Clearly, the parents were annoyed so they used force thinking that would solve the problem.

Dr. Desmond Runyan, "Children at that age can't possibly learn a lesson and telling them to stop crying is worthless. Slapping them on the face makes them cry more."

What you should do, Dr. Runyan explained, is pick the baby up, not the way this mother did, but nonetheless, you should pick the child up, give it attention, or move the child to his or her bed.

Dr. Desmond Runyan, "This child is clearly crying for attention, wants some love and wants to be picked up, and in fact, when the mother did pick up the child, the child quieted in her arms."

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