Capitol High students come together to 'stop the violence'

Capitol High students come together to 'stop the violence'
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POSTED: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 4:04pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 4:08pm

Friday marks one week since a tragic shooting incident in Baker left three teenagers dead. The incident has hit students across the area pretty hard. At Capitol High School, students took their shock and sadness, and turned it into something positive.

La'Toya Bennett is a student at Capitol High, but she's also the cousin of Kendal Dorsey.

"I cried for like two days, but I'm going to stay strong because I see people look up to me. So I'm going to stay strong for them," La'Toya said.

It's been a week since a shooting took her cousin's life.

"devastating," La'Toya said.

This shooting hit close to home for Lakesha McCray.

"My heart just dropped," Lakesha admitted. "My mom used to keep him when he was a baby, and it just hurts me to my heart to see him go out like that."

Even though it was hard, La'Toya came up with a way to honor her cousin and the other victims.

"My teachers and I gathered this ceremony for the students to respect them," La'Toya said.

That's way all these people are gathered in the gym, including students, faculty, and speakers, to bring a message to the youth in our community and to stop the violence.

"Just leave the guns alone and enjoy life. It's all we've got," La'Toya said.

"Let them know parents aren't trying to be strict on them, they're just trying to tell him what's right," Lakesha said.

Many of these students did not know the victims personally, but students said it did make an impact.

"When the people in Baker died, it hurt me even though I didn't know them. I feel like they probably had a place on this earth to do something. They had a purpose in life," said Jasha Baker.

"I love them, just like they love me. We're all family," La'Toya said.

The students raised more than $200 for the families of the victims.

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