Brandywine Condos Fire

POSTED: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 - 6:50pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 11:58pm

There is new information about the ongoing problems at Brandywine Condominiums in Baton Rouge. Fire investigators say someone torched a building at the complex last night. No one was hurt and no one lived inside the building that burned up, but residents are worried, scared, and they’re mad about what’s going on.

They’re angry about notes like the one left on their door tell them the power would be shut off and that the association running the complex owes more than $69,000 for unpaid electricity bills. Antoni Brown lives at Brandywine and says, “The light bill is included back here. All the utilities paid. All you got to pay your rent.” She pays $750 each month and her neighbor Diontranece Gibson pays $850. Gibson wants answers from Brandywine, “You know I was a tenant that paid my rent. I pay my rent. I got all my receipts.”

At Brandywine, tenants are told their utilities are included with the rent, but some people don’t rent, there are a few people who bought condos there. In addition to their mortgage, they pay a little over $300 a month to cover electricity, insurance, and other utilities. Now the question is where has all that money gone? The association is more than $69,000 behind and Entergy officials tell us they’ve been trying to work with Brandywine for months but without any success.

We tried to contact association president Angela Lockett, but she hasn’t returned any of our multiple calls. Last night, an arsonist burned down a building. Kim Crockett is scared at Brandywine, “Somebody was talking about it yesterday because they angry because they pay they money.” Residents are scared there’ll be another fire tonight and police say they’ll step up patrols. Residents say they’re scared and they’re angry, they’ve paid their rent and they hope the managers at the troubled complex will figure out a way to keep the lights on.

We spoke with Entergy officials tonight, who say they’ll give the complex until next Thursday to pay the $69,000 electricity bill, and that they’ve already granted dozens of extensions and offered payment plan options.