BR Man Recognized as Certified Food Scientist

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POSTED: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 3:58pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 6:16pm

(Baton Rouge)- You've probably heard of physicists, meteorologists, and marine scientists, but have you ever heard of a food scientist? NBC 33's Rachael Penton introduces us to a Baton Rouge man who just yesterday earned this distinction.

Food science is a subject you probably never studied in school.

"It's really complicated. It's not as simple as it seems."

But it's one that affects you every day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

"Food science, with a lot of research, we know what can be added to make it more functional, more nutritious, and safe."

Dr. Luis Espinoza received his Ph.D. in food science from LSU, and Tuesday he earned an even bigger distinction. Espinoza was recognized by the Institute of Food Technologists as a Certified Food Scientist- one of only three people in the country to receive the honor this year.

"It's just like a culmination of okay I think I'm there. I've achieved this branch of my professional career and I'm going to continue improving upon it."

The certification is given only to individuals who have proven themselves as experienced food scientists. Espinoza has been doing that right here on LSU's campus as manager of the AgCenter's food incubator.

"People who enroll to the program, they are really people with a vision."

He helps tenants like Sarah Vincent complete the research they need to launch their food related businesses.

"I had no idea why something could sit in a pantry versus a refrigerator or how long something was good for and how that was important," says Vincent.

With Espinoza's help Sarah's salad dressing and marinade has reached the shelves of three dozen stores.

"We've been able to learn more about our product and find better, safer ways to make it."

Espinoza has a passion not only for the science, but for the people behind the products.

"It's very rewarding seeing people growing and being successful," adds Espinoza.

If you'd like more information on how to become a tenant at the food incubator just visit their website:  

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