'Blood Out' premiere in Baton Rouge


POSTED: Monday, May 2, 2011 - 11:51pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 2, 2011 - 11:58pm

The red carpet premiere of the movie 'Blood Out' features lots of Louisiana actors, and it happened this weekend.

The child actors stole the show at the Baton Rouge premiere, especially Isabella Hewitt.

The stars of the film, Luke Goss, 50 Cent and Val Kilmer didn't make it to the Capitol City for this red carpet event, but many of those with major face time in the film are from right here in Louisiana.

Sam Medina, an actor in the movie, is from New Orleans. He's thrilled to share the screen with the actors from L.A. and show them what we have right here in our LA.

"I represent LA the best way that i can when I'm out there in Los Angeles,” stated Medina. “And let them know that we have a lot of talent here, and a talent pool. As far as actors and actresses like yourself, we can definitely get the job done."

Shanna Forestall plays a landlord in the movie. She grew up in Baton Rouge, and she too is getting to live her dream without moving out of state.

"When I saw the role, I was kind of drawn to it, and typically drawn to a character whom fights to overcome," said Forestall.

For young actors like Isabella, the odds of becoming a movie star are getting better and better here in Hollywood South.

Blood out is directed and co-written by Jason Hewitt, who lives in Baton Rouge.

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