Bellaire Murder Trial

POSTED: Monday, February 9, 2009 - 6:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 3, 2010 - 10:57pm

After a two-month delay, jury selection began in the case against 18-year-old Jauve Collins who is accused of gunning down a former Southern University administrator. This is certainly a high profile case involving a young man who may have ruined his life for allegedly taking a life.

He was only 16 when 69-year-old Henry Bellaire was shot in the chest with a shotgun. Now 18, Jauve Collins made his way into court to meet his potential jurors on Monday morning.

A neighbor who preferred not to be identified says she remembered hearing the gun shot that killed Bellaire in his driveway.

“How could you shoot such a great man and a man that wasn’t doing anything to anybody?”

According to police, Bellaire was helping his daughter unload some groceries when Collins and his two cousins, Jonathan Dunn and Tedrick Davis demanded money. When Bellaire said no, police say Collins shot him in the chest and Bellaire’s daughter witnessed it all.

Bellaire’s wife and daughter were in court Monday, but refused to comment on the case. Pleading not guilty to charges of second-degree murder, Collins could face mandatory life in prison if convicted.

Originally, this case was supposed to take place in December, but it was sent to the State Attorney General’s Office after complaints from Bellaire’s sister-in-law and former Southern University President Dolores Spike. She complained about a conflict of interest involving Collins’ attorney Steve Moore, the brother of current District Attorney Hillar Moore. Collins’ cousins are expected to testify against him.