Bear drags FL woman from house, family speaks about attack

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Monday, April 14, 2014 - 11:16am

A Florida woman is recovering after being attacked by a bear who ambled into her open garage and sifted through her garbage cans in search of food.

“The bear actually had my wife's head in its mouth and started to drag her to the woods,” said Frank Frana, the woman’s husband.

Terri Frana's husband was prepared to go into more details but he was stopped by an FWC spokesperson.

But he says the bear attack happened after his wife saw five bears outside their home, but she didn't see their two young children.

“She continued to proceed down the driveway to look for our two little kids and one of the bears stood up, knocked her down and started to maul her. She was able to eventually break away and run back into the house and she collapsed on the floor.”

And after hearing their mother screaming, her two young children came running from where they were playing a few houses down the street.

“So we went to the driveway, there was two bears,” said the victim’s son. “So me and my sister, she was knocking on the front door, and I went to the back porch door and I went in and I saw my mom on the floor.”

As FWC searches for the bear responsible for the attack, Mrs. Frana is recovering at home from bites to her head, arms, shoulder and upper thigh.

“30 staples in her head. 10 stiches in her head and several lacerations all over her body, claw marks on the back. But she's fine,” said her husband.

“We've got claw marks. We've got blood marks. We've got a lot of evidence right there, that we can take that we're going to put together that we should be able to match to this bear,” add the Lenny Salberg, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

The Florida Wildlife Commission says if they find the bear, the animal will be euthanized. 

Local residents say they've been seeing an increase of wild bears in the area.

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