Baton Rouge volunteers to head to Mississippi to help with tornado relief

Saturday, April 30, 2011 - 1:35am

The devastation from this week's tornados spreads through out two states. The clean-up could take months, if not years.

Louisiana natives Clay Smilie and Paul Hellman are going to the middle of the damage to start to get people back on their feet.

The two will head to Clinton, Mississippi, where they'll find shelter for the hundreds, even thousands of victims. They say the harder job is convincing all of them that things will be ok.

Both Smilie and Hellman have helped out in other parts of the country before, so they know what to expect, even though they know the big job they have ahead of them.

A growing number of volunteers in Baton Rouge are getting on the bandwagon with Smilie and Hellman, especially when they view the videos of the rampant destruction of Mississippi.

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