Baker parents start petition against school board

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 3:43pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 6:42pm

Some parents in Baker are fed up with their school board tonight. After many failed attempts to communicate with the board, they've started a petition to try and get some answers.

Parents said things with the school system in Baker just aren't adding up which is why they want the state to step in and take a closer look.

A school district with a "poor" status and a "D" rating, it's something parents in Baker are getting far too used to.

"Because our school system, it's been in a critical state for years, and Ms. Johnson and I have decided this is enough," Jerrie Williams said.

Jerrie Williams and Mekel Johnson wanted answers. So they did everything the could think of, but no luck.

"I have emailed them on several different occasions," Johnson said. "I have called and spoke with them on several different occasions, and there's been no response. There's a lot of smoke-screening, but there's no true response."

Williams said she's made open-record requests. The school board did give her some of what she asked for, including the budgets from the past couple of years, but for the rest of them...

"My requests have blatantly been ignored," Williams stated.

They say they are not the only parents with concerns.

"One of the things that they keep complaining about are just the poor school system that we have," Williams said. "The simple fact that the board is primarily a one-sided board."

So they decided to start a petition hoping the board will listen.

"We want our school system to be held accountable, and we're willing to sit down and speak with the board, the members of the board, but they really need to listen," Williams said.

"It's board members who are there who's children are not in our school system. So they're not really invested in what's really going on here," Johnson said. "Their child is not coming home saying 'Mother, I didn't have an english teacher today.' Their child is not coming home saying 'I had a different sub for the third time this week.'"

Williams and Johnson are encouraging all parents to come to the next school board meeting Tuesday because it's going to take more than just them to get something done.

"What affects one child affects every child in our community, and my real advocacy is for parents to just come out at make a stand," Johnson said.

We did reach out to the school board to get a comment from them, but we haven't heard anything back yet.

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