Pitbull saved by local vets after sustaining major injuries; donations needed

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POSTED: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 10:04am

Local veterinarians and animal hospitals have recently saved a pitbull that otherwise would have passed away after receiving major injuries. 

On  July 31, a female pitbull dog was found outside of the Village Market on Hwy. 73 in Gonzales. The dog looked as though she had been hit by a car and sustained serious injuries.

She was taken to a local veterinarian, Dr. Rob Braquet, with Animal Care Center of Gonzales on Hwy. 44, where they x-rayed and recounted her severe injuries, including a shattered pelvis, broken femur and a displaced hip.

Now known as Cheyenne, the dog underwent two surgeries at Sherwood South Animal Hospital, the second of which was performed on August 7.

The surgeries both went very well. Dr. Mauterer was able to reattach the dog’s luxated hip on one leg and repair her femur and iliac bone of the other leg.

“As busted up as she was,” Dr. Mauterer reported, “she’s going to have a long road to recovery.”

This strong pup is already walking around a bit, but it is possible she may always have a limp.

The vet also reported that despite the amount of pain she was in combined with the amount of manipulation he had to do with her leg, this pup has maintained a sweet demeanor and hasn’t once shown any signs of aggression.

However, it is still uncertain whether or not Cheyenne will have nerve damage and to what degree. She will probably be on kennel rest for close to three months.

On August 13, Cheyenne will be finding her way to a temporary home with one of Dr. Rob’s medical assistants, Ashley Cochran, while she recovers.

The Creole has taken a special interest in this dog and will continue to keep you updated on her progress.

Instead of $8,000, Cheyenne’s care will only cost $3,000 due to the animal hospital’s very generous discount. So far, Cheyenne has about $800 in her fund. Residents who wish to contribute are asked to visit www.apawspets.org and click on the Donate tab. A link will appear asking for your donation. In the subject area, you simply type ‘Hwy. 73 Rescue.’ If the subject bar does not appear, you can enter the information in the notes section. Or, you can call 225.343.0303.


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