Neighbors say 20 Ventress horses are being neglected, some close to death

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POSTED: Monday, January 21, 2013 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 25, 2013 - 11:31am

Six months ago, 20 horses were moved on to the five-acre property next to Randall Gremillion's house in Ventress. At first, the Gremillion's were excited with their new neighbors.

"We knew that 20 horses were going to be too much, but it was pretty exciting when they first came, the children were really excited about it. They (the horses) were healthy, they were beautiful," Gremillion explained.

But as months passed, the living conditions for the horses began to deteriorate. The Gremillions say the horses often went without food or shelter, and slowly began to die one by one.

"The first time we knew that one was dead, it took a couple of days for them to actually come get it and bury it. I think we had to call and tell them they needed to do something with it because of the smell. The smell was horrible," Gremillion said.

So far the Gremillion's believe they have watched at least four of the horses die and they're not ready to see any more go. So they enlisted the help of Bonnie Marquette who has run horse rescues for years. She said the conditions are getting critical.

"There's two in particular, one's a little white Arabian and she's extremely emaciated, and she has a condition known as rain rot,” Bonnie Marquette explained, “Then there's a little paint who's extremely emaciated as well, there's also about three or four others that are very thin."

The horses have hay now, but neighbors have said for 14 days before, there was none. And for some of these horses in the worst condition, that hay may not be enough to save them.

"The other two are obviously going to need more than that, they're going to need more than hay to sustain them, to at least get them healthy again. The two to five that are in bad shape need attention immediately,” Marquette confided.

We spoke to Sheriff Bud Torres, he said complaints were filed last week and handed over to the animal control department. Our calls to the Point Coupee animal control weren't returned, and the Gremillions said so far no one has come to check on the situation.

We were not able to get in to touch with the owner of the horses.

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Slaughter houses are not the only alternative. I don't understand why these people took horses they could not afford nor do I know the whole story. Regardless, if the horses were healthy and before they got in this condition, they could have been sold or given away versus leaving them to starve. Put a sign out front = FREE HORSES, certainly someone would have taken them off their hands. Exactly where are these horses and does anyone know how many are still alive?

I was informed of this situation several weeks ago by a local veterinarian. It was stated by the vet that the Sheriff HAD been contacted and was informed by the Police Jury that there was no money to handle this situation. Different story told to the news media?

This is what happens when we have no slaughter houses to get rid of the unwanted horses. People can't get rid of them nor afford to care for them. Sad for all involved.

Someone needs to stay on the Pointe Coupee animal control people. No animal should be treated like this, starvation. If they couldn't afford, then they need to sell...they should've never EVER let them get this way. Thankfully they have neighbors who care.

OH this is really so so sad. If the owners cant afford to feed them, give them away to someone who has a pasture and can feed them, why let them starve to death and die, they'd lose them still.... Just awful, poor
animal cant help himself and this time of the year there is no green grass and hay has no nutrition in it, it is dead dry grass . SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THOSE HORSES !!!

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