Local animal shelter keeps dogs cool, heat can cause long term damage

Local animal shelter keeps dogs cool, heat can cause long term damage
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POSTED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 6:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 5, 2013 - 10:57pm

South Louisiana can get downright uncomfortable in the summer and as bad as it is for us, it's even worse for man's best friend.

"Keeping them cool is a major problem," said Carol Young, the Director at the Denham Springs Animal Shelter. "We've reached some with 97 with heat index way above a hundred."

Young’s the director at the only no kill shelter in the state. She told NBC33 it’s a battle to keep the over 130 dogs cool.

"We have an adequate amount of them but they are not the best of fans. A lot of them need to be replaced," noted Young.

Local veterinarians say heat exhaustion can be life threatening.

“If a pet actually experiences heat stroke, internally their temperature rises it starts almost cooking them if you will," said local veterinarian, Kate Adams. “They can have long term and irreversible kidney and liver damage if their temperature is high enough they can start having seizures."

So as we get deeper into summer, Carol and her staff of six are working day in and out to make sure their dogs keep cool and hydrated.

“The little plastic pools for kids we really use them,” noted Young.

The shelter in Denham Springs isn't the only one with the issue. Young went on to tell us that every shelter in the area struggles this time of year keeping dogs and cats cool.

The Denham Springs Animal Shelter says the main reason these dogs are staying cool this summer is because of one little girl.

Jade has donated some fans to the shelter through a fundraising project she calls “Jades Flowers.”The director says she’s done more than just donate to help the dogs.

“She has drawn a lot of attention to our shelter for other people who have donated with money so we can replace tarps and fences," said Young.

On Thursday, July 10, we'll have jades story and also give you a look at her new project that's helping encourage people across the area to adopt.

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